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Aluminum alloy 1000

Aluminum alloy 2000

Aluminum alloy 3000

Aluminum alloy 5000

Aluminum alloy 6000

Aluminum alloy 7000

Aluminum alloy 8000

Aluminum cans

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About the quality of our products

The handling, analysis and selection, treatment and packaging and placed on strapped pallets for maximum transport security, is the daily process in our company, with several exhaustive quality control points, as can be seen in the following graph:


The recovery of non-ferrous metals is a sector in permanent change due to the interactivity between supply and demand. Prices vary from day to day due to the influence of international markets and London Metal Exchange prices. Therefore, as good professionals we must take these changes into account to offer our greatest asset the best business conditions.
It is something that our experience has made clear and that we exercise with enthusiasm and success.

The benefits of a quick investment are very attractive, but at MORGAR RECUPERACIONES, S.A. We believe in our social commitment, both locally, nationally and internationally, and with all our clients, suppliers and fair and clean trade between the different competitors and of course with the environment.
environment to provide a better future with our step in the recycling chain.

Therefore, if what you need is seriousness and confidence in the trade of non-ferrous or other metals, with the highest quality and the greatest commitment of each employee to provide each client with the best delivery conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality and environment certificates

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