Aluminum alloy 6000

Scrap from the new and clean production of aluminum extrusion. It may contain anodized material but not painted materials, thermal bridges or non-metallic materials.
This material should generally consist of 6063 scrap. It should not contain more than 0.1% Copper and 0.1% Zinc. Free of oil, grease, non-metallic coatings and polluting materials.
6063 Painted: New production
6063 Brilliant: New Production
Also in bars of 6 meters maximum without packaging and palletizing.
Alloys: 6082 bulk (loose) pieces, end billets and sheets. Maximum 1 meter in length
Profile with 15% attachment
Aluminum profile 6063, lacquered or unlacquered, with thermal break and plastic or mosquito nets, without iron or other metals or elements other than those mentioned.

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